The welcoming of a new baby is one of life's happiest moments.  A baby blessing is a terrific way to celebrate the arrival of your little one into your family and the community which it will grow.    This ceremony can help fill the spiritual need for parents who are of different faiths, do not belong to a church, or do not practice religion.  

      I will work with you to create a beautiful ceremony that honors the commitment of family, reflects on hopes and dreams, and celebrates the spirit of your child.  

 Baby blessings can include any of the following elements

              - Parental Vows

              - Baptism

              - Butterfly release

              - Water and Oil Ceremony

              - Rose Petal Blessing

              - Candle Lighting

              - Godparents

              -Family Sand Ceremony

              - Candle Lighting

              - Prayer of Gratitude

              - Readings, Poems, Songs

      I am happy to incorporate any cultural, spiritual, or religious traditions into the baby blessing.


   To start planning your baby blessing, please contact me to schedule a free over the phone consultation.   To help design your perfect ceremony, you will be given a fun parental questionnaire asking about your hopes, dreams, and wishes for your child.  I will also provide you with sample ceremonies, readings, songs, and personalization ideas.   This information will be used to create a baby blessing you and your family will treasure forever.     631-494-5394 (office)      845-282-2411   (cell)