"The Greatest Love Story Ever Told Is Your Own."  

I would love to meet with you and your fiance to hear your love story.  Using information from our meeting, I will compose your love story in your style and weave into your personalized ceremony.  



Example 1

    If you are lucky enough, you might be able to leave a 1st date with an overwhelming sensation that this relative stranger you just met is destined to become your future spouse.  Corey knew it that night in August 2012, before he even got home.  It wasn’t because he and Caitlin shared the same outlook on life or had common goals. No, he realized she was the one as he watched Caitlin get in her car, sail over the curb causing her vehicle to become airborne, and as a result totaling it … all while still in the parking lot.  Corey watched this impressive display and thought, “Well she is interesting!”

   Prior to making her grand exit, Caitlin enjoyed spending the evening at Napper Tandy’s with Corey and his fo hawk hairstyle, which made him draw a strong likeness to Ronny from Jersey Shore.  Meanwhile, Corey was captivated by Caitlin’s flowing blond hair extensions and her shortness.

   As the couple spent more time together though, they discovered they finally met someone who was just like themselves- someone who shared a passion for Taco Bell and cheese… and mainly someone who didn’t take themselves too seriously. 

    When Caitlin and Corey moved in together, they were pleasantly surprised neither of them wanted to kill the other- not even with the addition of their two dogs, Manning and Jeter, or Corey screaming at the Giants and Yankees games on TV. 

   Whether they are vacationing in the Dominican Republic or stopping in at Target for Corey to get pizza sticks, and Caitlin to get her Starbucks, they simply enjoy being together. 

    Corey knew he loved Caitlin more than anyone, and he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her.  While dining at the Hibachi restaurant, Cuomo, with the help of a magic gong- Corey asked Caitlin to be his wife.  Of course, she gladly said yes, because it entitled her to his wonderful NYC firefighter benefits.

  Corey and Caitlin may your future be filled four daughters and unlimited puppies.  Since you already have a boy on the way, it looks like you are going to be stuck with 5 kids then.  And may you always find yourselves laughing and spending the minimal on car repairs.


Example 2

   One of the great things about marriage, is it unites two people with two completely different perspectives and experiences.   Those different perspectives though can sometimes be a problem on a first date, and that is why you can’t take a girl from Queens to the Beach at Night. 

   Six years ago, Mike was hired to work as a bartender at Stefani’s sister’s graduation party.  When Stefani first encountered this gorgeous stranger in her kitchen, she knew she had to learn more about him.   So, she kept making excuses to get a drink and go see him at the bar.   What Stefani didn’t know though was Mike had also wanted an excuse to talk to this pretty girl with a magnetic smile. 

   After the party, Mike and Stefani decided meet up.  On that first date, Mike who loves the water and sailing, wanted to share one of his favorite spots with this special lady.  So, he took her off-roading onto the beach at night.  While Mike perceived this was something beautiful and romantic, Stefani was quietly panicking.  The Queen’s native, thought this was about to come the scene of a horror movie.   When she did finally realize Mike really did want to just show her the beach, she became more relaxed and eagerly agreed to see him again. 

    As they spent more time together, Stefani began to love Mike’s drive to just get up and go, and ability to just make things happen.  In fact, she even used to wake up at 4 in the morning to go wake board with him… but those days are over now.  And Mike could not get over how kind Stefani was to everyone. 

   Not long after that first date, Stefani went on vacation to Italy.  While she was on this vacation of a lifetime, she just could not stop thinking about Mike- so she bought him a toy sailboat.  When she came home and gave him the boat, Mike said to himself, “I’m done.”  For he knew, with that simple gesture, Stefani was the one. 

     As the years sailed by, Mike and Stefani’s love continued to flourish.  They find humor in each other’s little nuisances, like the 15 steps Stefani takes to prepare for bed and Mike’s inability to sit still for more than three minutes and how he also like to go to bed early.  They appreciate each other’s gifts: Mike loves Stefani’s passion for teaching, her phenomenal organization skills, and her overall gentle nature.  And Stefani is so appreciative of Mike’s loyalty and honesty, his dedication to his family, and she is constantly amazed by his talents and inbounding knowledge.  And as everyone knows, if Stefani says, “Well Mike said” than it must be true. 

   Despite, their different backgrounds, they compliment each other to make the perfect balance.  Or as Mike’s Grandparents who have 60 years of marriage put it, “She can eat no lean and he can eat no fat.”  Mike eats the olives and kills the bugs while Stefani makes the take-out orders and picks up after him.  Stefani is the vanilla and Mike is the chocolate. 

   With this strong foundation of love, appreciation, respect, and balance Stefani and Mike have set their course for a beautiful future together.  Whether they are cooking, eating, watching TV, sailing, spending time with family or going on Stefi car rides, they have fun as long as they are together.  So years from now, when you are surrounded by the family you have built together  may you look back upon today, your wedding day,  and see it as the “Once Upon A Time” of  your “Happily Ever After.”


Example 3

    Many people think of marriage as the day you say to the world, here is the person I will love with all my heart, the one person I vow to love and protect over everyone else.  For Heather though, this day happened on Aug. 5, 2011 the day her son, Hunter, was born.  When she first looked into her son’s eyes, she knew she would spend her last breath making sure he would always be safe and loved.  

  Understandably, she was hesitant to allow anyone else to enter into their world… until Anthony.   

  One of Heather’s friends was convinced she would hit it off with one of her friend, Anthony.  All though Anthony and Heather lived two minutes away from one another and both attended Eastport South Manor High School-  they had never met.  After he checked out her facebook page and saw how pretty she was, Anthony sent Heather and facebook message saying, “Hey Heather I am aware that we barely even know one another, but rumor has it that your looking to meet a nice guy... Well I do fit that description and would I be able to call you later? ” So It was Forth of July weekend and sparks were flying. When this couple had first met Heather had literally came walking through Anthony's front door which led into a memorable night together, Eventually they arranged a date for TGI Fridays on a Tuesday.  

  Anthony was immediately struck by how mature and responsible Heather was… although she begs to differ.  He could tell she just had a good head on her shoulders, separating her from the other women he had met.  

  In the past, Heather had been very hesitant to trust someone, but there was something about Anthony that was very simple and honest. She never once saw Anthony balk at getting involved in a relationship with her and her son even with the first impression of him having a food covered face and full diaper.  She acknowledge it is a huge undertaking but Anthony did so, wholeheartedly and without reservations.  The truth is, it was because Heather was such a wonderful mother that Anthony fell in love with her.  He credits her with having this amazing way of intuitively knowing what Hunter is feeling and needs, without him ever saying anything.  She is caring and responsible and he loves watching her interact with her son.  He recalls it was after his and Heather’s first trip alone, when they went to Punta Cana, that they had a conversation about having a baby together- and it was then that Anthony decided, yes this is what I want to do and this is the person I want to be with!  

  After all they make a great team.  Heather says the balance each other out since she is all over the place and Anthony is the calm one.  They are forgiving of each other’s faults and are comforted to know they will be completely accepted for who they are.  

  For the first time, Heather knew she had found someone who would be her partner and best friend.  More importantly, she has discovered someone who has joined her in her mission to care for Hunter.  In addition, Anthony has even gone further in his commitment by working towards adopting Hunter creating another member of their family, Ashton James, who will be making his debut in a few weeks J.  They are so excited to be welcoming in this new baby and have enjoyed all the preparation including going to Bradley Method Birthing Classes, feeling the baby kick, the many foot rubs Anthony has given, and Heather throwing Anthony a Daddy Shower.  Ashton will be a living and breathing symbol of their love and commitment to each other and to their family.  

  Now, when Heather looks into her new son’s eyes she will once again make the same promise she did on  August 5, 2011 only this time she has the reassurance Anthony will be right along side her, making that same commitment.


Example 4

The following is for a bi-lingual couple

An orange (hold one up)…  To so many of us it is simply a refreshing fruit.  However, this citrus fruit holds great symbolism and meaning.  In China, oranges are given to friends and family at the start of the Chinese New Year. They symbolize luck and wealth.  To give someone an orange, is to wish them an abundance of happiness and prosperity. In many traditional Spanish weddings, brides decorate their bouquets with orange blossoms, signifying a life of happiness and fulfillment for the couple.    

In the Spanish language, “tú eres mi media naranja “ is a beautiful phrase that means, “You are my better half.” However when we directly translate it into English it roughly means, “You are half my orange.”     

The Orange is a special symbol for J- and R-.  R- often tells J- “tú eres mi media naranja.”  You are my better half.  Before R- proposed, he went and bought an orange.  He carefully hollowed it out, and replaced the insides with a princess cut diamond ring protected by cotton.   He then took J- out to eat and presented her with the orange and instructed her to open it.  J-, like I imagine most of us would be, was put off by this strange request.  When she took it into her hands, she was shocked to find it contained a beautiful ring and the phrase “I love you, tú eres mi media naranja.”  

  J- and R-, marriage is a partnership that asks you to be each other’s better half. Each other’s orange.  Where one is weak, the other is strong.  R- says that J-’s half is made up of honesty, intelligence, and perseverance.  While R-’s half is filled with humility, patience, forgiveness, and a strong sense of humor. 

J- and R-, may your marriage be like an orange.  May your outlook on life be bright.  May your love be a protective shell for the both of you.  May your days be full of sweetness.  May your pits be few.  And may you forever be each other’s better half, each other’s media naranja.

Example 5

Patti and Amy’s story begins, as all good stories do- at a drag show.  Since they initially found each other on Match.com, each of them were a little leery of meeting in person.  They had both arranged for reinforcements- Amy’s with her friend Patrick, Patti with her sister Sandra -to join them at Stonewall for Porsche’s show… “just in case.”


 When I asked Patti what she first thought of Amy she casually replied, “I was not impressed. Here was this Brooklyn hipster who shows up on a first date wearing a hoodie.”  And truthfully, at first both thought they were not each other’s type, and they would be better off as friends.  However, they spent the evening asking questions and learning about one another, quickly appreciating each other’s sarcasm, developing a fun, witty banter.   


 As time went on, they realized they had a mutual passion of taking care of others.  Amy devotes herself to rescuing animals, while Patti rescues humans.  This inevitably leads them to disagree over questions like, “What’s worse, a starving child or a starving dog?”.  This shared quality of compassion though allowed for them to build a foundation for a strong relationship.  Even though they initially thought they were not each other’s type, they soon realized that what they thought was their type- wasn’t.  They were both so different from any one they had ever met. 


 Patti had never encountered someone so giving and with so much patience.  Amy’s resourcefulness and reason impresses Patti every day, always helping her in accomplishing her dreams.  In Patti, Amy loves how her caring nature defines who she is as a person.  Patti always puts others first.   From the very first night they met, Amy could see her consideration and care for her family.  From a younger age, Patti had a lot of responsibility, so she missed out on certain aspects of adolescence.  Amy has helped Patti appreciate the little things and loves her surprising ability to see the world with child-like awe.  It was not until Patti met Amy that she finally found someone whose opinion she fully trusted and who she could completely rely on.  


Patti and Amy both dream of building a life together, and are so excited to be able to seal it through the commitment of marriage.  In fact, they actually both ended up proposing to the other one.  Although Patti had planned on proposing on a trip to Washington D.C. under the cherry blossoms, Amy beat her to it when she got down on one knee in an air tram over the San Diego Zoo a few weeks earlier.  However, despite saying yes, Patti did still end up proposing in D.C. under a cherry tree. 


 Now as they start their marriage journey, they hope they will be able to fulfill their dreams of building a home in Brooklyn, running a hospital, opening a shelter, and   seeing as much of the world as possible.  While on your way, treasure every day and continue to enjoy the little things like riding your motorcycles to Cape Cod, taking Gandalf & Monkey to the beach, and sharing a bottle of wine (or two).                  Amy and Patti, life is better when you share it, especially when you share it with your best friend!

                                                                                    Shayna and Rich


We are gathered here today in the sight of God, and the presence of friends and loved ones, to celebrate one of life’s greatest moments.  We are here to give recognition to the worth and beauty of love, and to add our best wishes to the words that will unite Shayna and Rich in holy matrimony.


Happiness in marriage is not something that just happens.  A good marriage must be created.  The little things are the big things.  It is never being too old to hold hands.  It is remembering to say "I love you" at least once a day.  It is keeping the courtship alive.  It is standing together facing the world.  It is forming a circle of love that gathers in the whole family.  It is not expecting one person to wear a halo or the other to have the wings of an angel. It is not looking for perfection in each other.  It is cultivating flexibility, patience, understanding, gratitude and a sense of humor.  It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.  It is giving each other an atmosphere in which each can grow.  It is finding room for the things of the spirit.  Marriage is establishing a relationship in which the independence is equal, the dependence is mutual and the obligation is reciprocal. You must not only marry the right partner, but being the right partner.


                                                                                           Love Story

  On Thanksgiving Eve of 2012, Shayna ventured to 50 Coins in Ridgefield, Connecticut to give morale support to friend who was being set up with some guy named Rich.  Shayna never expected it would be she who would end up hitting it off with this stranger.  In addition to finding each other attractive, Rich and Shayna bonded over the discovery that they were both from Somers. But it was when Rich was on the brink of getting into a fight with another patron and Shayna had the magical power to calm him down, that he knew there was something special about her.

       Rich spent the next few weeks, asking Shayna out, but she kept turning him down.  He was persistent though, and on Dec. 19, three years ago today, they headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for their first date.  There they connected over their affection for rotweilers and kept “me too’ing” one another over the realization they shared many mutual friends. 

   As they spent more time together, not only did they bond through their common interests, but they became closer by exploring their differences, for example Rich has become much more tolerable of shopping and Shayna has greatly improved her aim from visiting the shooting range. 

     They are best friends, and completely comfortable around each other.  Even if they get into a fight, an hour later all is well and they are off laughing again.  In fact, it was an argument that revealed how much they valued their relationship.  Upset with Rich for suddenly wanting to slow things down, Shayna packed up everything that reminded her of him and drove it to the Apgars’ house.  After exchanging a few choice words, she chucked the five-foot bear Rich had given her on to his yard.  As she sped away, she realized she was so furious because she loved him, and she needed to work things out.  Meanwhile, Rich stood in his yard staring at this bear knowing now that he needed to get Shayna back.  Luckily he didn’t have to wait long, because Shayna had already turned the car around, creating a make-up scene out of a movie. 

     No matter what, they have always been there for one another. Sometimes it is something small like Rich melting Hershey bars to cheer Shayna up with chocolate covered strawberries after a bad day, or Shayna running her fingers on Rich’s back to help him fall asleep- which is exceptionally impressive since they sleep in different rooms.  They have even proved they are willing to take down a bear to protect the other… not the stuff one from the Apgar’s yard, but a real life hungry one who they chased by with while walking in the woods.

  Shayna claims she literally could not live without Rich because she would accidentally kill herself by lighting a barbeque or something.  Rich gets a kick out of the faces she makes when she gets herself in these predicaments or does something ridiculous, and she never fails to make him laugh.  Which works out great because Shayna loves his laugh. 

   Since that Thanksgiving Eve, they have become so much more than best friends or girlfriend/ boyfriend.  They have become partners. When they are together, memories naturally follow- whether they buying a home, playing with their mastiff Baretta, or getting out of their car to yell at the lady who almost him them on the highway.  Neither of them could imagine laughing through life with anyone else.

               For all of these reasons (and because he knew Shayna was expecting him to propose while on vacation)- on his birthday, Rich filled up the back of his pick up truck with sand and literally drove the beach to Shayna.  He then gave her a box with an actual rock in it.  Although Shayna would have said “yes” to marrying, she was very happy when Rich presented her with a second, smaller but shinier“rock.”

   Shayna and Rich, you are now embark on your greatest adventure.  May it be filled with health, happiness, big dogs, children, and an awesome house for all this to happen in.  And many decades from now, may you be able to see the laugh lines now engrained in each other’s face and reflect upon the wonderful life you have built together. 


Declaration of Intent

Do you, Rich, take Shayna to be your wife and your partner in crime? Do you promise to love and trust her, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?


Do you, Shayna, take Rich to be your husband and your partner in crime? Do you promise to love and trust him, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?


As a sign of their love for one another, Rich and Shayna have chosen to write their own vows.


You are about to present a ring to each other.  The wedding ring, a complete circle, is a symbol of the completeness you will find in marriage.  The ring has no beginning and no end, just as true love is never-ending.  The ring also is made of precious metals and precious gems, just as true love is a precious treasure.  As you place the wedding rings on each other’s hand, may it not only remind you of the endless love you possess for one another, but may it also be a reminder of the precious gift God has given you in each other. 

“Shayna, with this ring I give you my heart. I promise from this day forward you will not walk alone. May my arms be your shelter and my heart be your home.”

“Rich, with this ring I give you my heart. I promise from this day forward you will not walk alone. May my arms be your shelter and my heart be your home.”

The engagement ring is a symbol of a promise and intention. Now today, the intention is realized and the promise is fulfilled. So Rich, would you please place the engagement ring on Shayna’s finger over her wedding band, symbolizing that the love that brought you together will protect and sustain you


Love Letter & Wine Box Ceremony


This box contains a love letter to each other. The letters describe the good qualities they find in one another, the reasons they fell in love, and their reasons for choosing to marry. The letters are sealed in individual envelopes and they have not seen what the other has written. You have created your very own "romantic" time capsule to be opened on your 5th wedding anniversary. Keep the box in a place of honor prominently displayed in your home as a constant reminder of your commitment to each other.

 Shayna and Rich, should you ever find your marriage enduring hardships, you are to as a couple, open this box, and read the letters you wrote to one another when you were united as a couple in marriage. By reading these love letters you will reflect upon the reasons you fell in love and chose to marry each other here today.

   The hope is, however, that you will never have a reason to open this box. And if this is the case, you are to open this box to share and enjoy on your 5th year wedding anniversary!



 Rich and Shayna, before you leave I want you to reflect upon this poem Shayna posted on her Facebook page- because it truly captures the essence of married life:

Marriage is ugly, you see the absolute worst in someone. You see them when they’re mad, sad, being stubborn, when they’re so unlovable they make you scream. But you also get to see them when they are laughing so hard that tears run down their face, and they can’t help but let out those weird gurgling noises. You see them at 3am when the world is asleep except you two, and you’re eating in the middle of the kitchen floor. You get to see the side of them that no one else does, and it’s not always pretty. Its snorting while laughing, its the tears when it feels like its all crashing down, its the farting, its the bedhead and bad breath, its the random dances, its the anger and the joy. Marriage isn’t a beautiful thing, but it is amazing. It’s knowing that someone loves you so much, and won’t leave you even though you said something nasty. It’s having someone have your back no matter what. Its fights over stupid things, like someone not doing the dishes or picking up after themselves. And it’s those nights you fall asleep in each others arms, feeling like there will never be enough time with them. It’s cleaning up their throw up, or just rubbing their back when they’re sick. It’s the dirtiest, hardest, most rewarding job there is. Because at the end of the day you get to crawl into bed with your best friend, the weirdest, most annoying, loving, goofy, perfect person that you know. Marriage is not beautiful, but it’s one heaven of a ride. 


                                                                                                First Kiss, Last Kiss


Now before we send them off to this ride of a lifetime, there are two very important people Rich and Shayna want to acknowledge

 A long time ago, you were welcomed into the world by your mother’s kiss.  At the moment her lips touched your face, she vowed to love you unconditionally, nurture, and protect you.  It was through her example, you would learn to love another. 

      Although she may not have told you, your mother spent countless hours praying you would find that one special person whom would care for you and bring you happiness.  And now here you are, face to face with that person, ready to share your first kiss as a married couple. 


      Before they do though, Rich and Shayna would like to invite their mothers to give them their last kiss as unmarried individuals and send them off into this new relationship.

Maria and Jackie, please come and give your babies a kiss.

Nothing with ever come between or replace the precious bond you share as mother  and child. 

 Rich and Shayna, may you too one day experience the overwhelming love of a parent. 



Shayna and Rich, with this promise and declaration of love it is my pleasure, by the authority vested in me by the state of NY Inow pronounce you husband and wife!

You may kiss the bride!


                                           Stacey and Michael's




Stacey and Michael, welcome to special moment in your lives and the place you have come to in each other’s hearts.  Today you will marry your best friend.  The one you laugh and cry with, the one you have learned from and shared with.  The one you have chosen to support, encourage, and give yourself to, through all the days of your life.  Today you will marry the one you love. 

                                                      Love Story

Stacey and Mike, today you are surrounded by your family and friends.  All of whom are here to not only witness this ultimate exchange of love, but to support you on your marriage journey.   Stacey, your dad is also here with us- as he was the day that he led Mike’s mother, Diane, into your doctor’s office.  For those of you who don’t know, Stacey met Diane long before she knew Mike.  Diane had come into the doctor’s office Stacey worked at, wearing her lady bug earrings.  Since her Dad’s passing, lady bugs had always reminded Stacey of her father.  So, she felt an instant connection to Diane.  On follow up visits, Diane would come into the office and proudly talk about her son in the Marines.  Stacey had the utmost respect for Marines, because her father had also been one.  While Mike was serving our country, Diane would watch over his son, Joey.  And sometimes she would take Joey in for doctor’s visits.  Using her motherly intuition, Diane felt Stacey and Mike would be a good match.  So, she asked Stacey if it would be ok for Mike to get in touch with her through Facebook.  For two months they Facebook messaged and Skyped, while Mike was stationed in North Carolina.  On their first phone conversation, they easily spoke for two hours- because they both knew each other’s backstory from Diane. 


    When Mike came home on leave for the 4th of July weekend, he and Stacey went on their first date.  By that point they had already shared so much about themselves and felt really comfortable with one another.  After that first date, Stacey booked a flight down to North Carolina for the following month.  It was during that visit, that Mike and Stacey realized they loved each other.  Ironically, neither of them originally said it to each other, but rather they each told Mike’s friend Lexi.  Lexi quickly ended up telling Stacey about Mike’s mutual feelings.  So on the last day of her trip Stacey coyly said to Mike, “Sooo I spoke to Lexi aaaand she said you have something to tell me.”  From that point on, they readily shared, “I love you’s.”


   Mike stayed in North Carolina for several more months.  All the while, they continued their long distant relationship.  Once Mike moved back home to Long Island, they became inseparable.  Stacey encouraged Mike to go back to school and prepared a binder for him for his first day of class, which included a campus map.  Meanwhile, Mike’s calming presence helped relax Stacey as she went through nursing school.  They both enjoy each other’s humor.  Mike loves Stacey’s laugh and in turn, Stacey loves how Mike makes her laugh.  They respectfully communicate with each other, and quickly work to solve any disagreements always remembering it is not necessarily important who is right or wrong, but how you make the other person feel.  Mike and Stacey share the same moral values of loyalty, respect, trust, honesty and their love is the glue which holds these all together and guides them through their daily lives. 


     It did not take long for them to recognize how special their relationship was and by the time, Mike returned home from the Marine Corps they instinctually knew they wanted to marry.


    Mike and Stacey, the love that brought you here and the values your share have set the foundation for a strong marriage.  May you build upon it with wonderful memories, such as buying a home, traveling, learning new things about yourselves and each other, discovering new interests, and having more children and watching them grow.  May you both continue to work together to provide Joey and your future children with the tools they need to live happy and fulfilling lives.  Most importantly, may you always stand strong side by side, and face both the joys and challenges of this life together – knowing that life is truly better when you share it. 



Love, trust, and forgiveness are the foundations of marriage. In marriage, many days will bring happiness, while other days may be sad. But together, two hearts can overcome everything. In marriage, all of the moments won't be exciting or romantic, and sometimes worries and anxiety will be overwhelming. But together two hearts that accept will find comfort together. Recollections of past joys, pains, and shared feelings will be the glue that holds everything together during even the worst and most insecure moments. Reaching out to each other as a friend, and becoming the confidant and companion that the other one needs, is the true magic and beauty of any two people together. It's inspiring in each other a dream or a feeling, and having faith in each other and not giving up...even when all the odds say to quit. It's allowing each other to be vulnerable, to be himself or herself, even when the opinions or thoughts aren't in total agreement or exactly what you'd like them to be.It's getting involved and showing interest in each other, really listening and being available, the way any best friend should be. Exactly three things need to be remembered in a marriage if it is to be a mutual bond of sharing, loving, and caring throughout and life: love, trust, and forgiveness.

                                       Declaration of Intent

Michael, do you give your promise, that from this day forward, Stacey shall never walk alone.  That your heart will be her shelter, your arms will be her home.  Do you promise to walk together through life as partners and best friends, and that you shall always do your best to love and accept Stacey exactly the way she is.  Do you give her freedom and your trust, and do you five your heart until the end of time?  I DO.

Stacey, do you give your promise, that from this day forward, Michael shall never walk alone.  That your heart will be his shelter, your arms will be his home.  Do you promise to walk together through life as partners and best friends, and that you shall always do your best to love and accept Michael exactly the way he is.  Do you give him freedom and your trust, and do you five your heart until the end of time?  I DO.


I, Michael, take you Stacey to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And here to I pledge you my faithfulness.

I Stacey, take you Michael, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'till death do us part. And here to I pledge you my faithfulness.

Your rings are circles: the symbol of unity, of wholeness, and of perfection, of the sun, the earth, and the universe. These rings remain unique and individual, yet they represent a unity that has no beginning and no end. Take these rings as a symbol of your marriage, in which two unique individuals have found a bond and a unity which shall have no ending. They are tokens of the growing relationship you have come here to celebrate and to confirm.

Stacey, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness and as I place it on your finger, I commit my very heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vow we have spoken, on this day, our wedding day.

Michael, I give you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness and as I place it on your finger, I commit my very heart and soul to you. I ask you to wear this ring as a reminder of the vow we have spoken, on this day, our wedding day.

The engagement ring is a symbol of a promise and intention. Now, Today the intention is fulfilled. So, Michael,  would you please place the engagement ring on Stacey’s finger over her wedding band, symbolizing that the love that brought you together will protect and sustain you.


                                             Sand and Stone Ceremony

Stacey and Michael’s marriage is extra special because it is not just the union of two people in love, but the coming together of a family. 

Stacey and Michael,  I now invite you and your son Joey to join in the sand and stone unity ceremony.

Today, this relationship is symbolized through the pouring of these two individual containers of sand - one representing you Stacey and all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be, and the other representing you Michael, and all that you were, all that you are, and all that you will ever be.

 Joey, please take a stone and place it into the container. This stone represents you as an individual and as a family. Stacey & Mcihael, please now pour your sand together in the middle of the container, symbolizing your love wrapping around Joey.

As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, you will be joined together as one. Yet, you will leave a little sand in your original container to symbolize that even though you are joined, you remain individuals.

 Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be.


Stacey and Michael, you have now affirmed before your families and friends your love and your caring for each other. You have come from different backgrounds. You have walked different paths. You are each unique individuals. Your love has transcended these differences. In the years before you, may the richness of the traditions that have nurtured you enhance and brighten your lives as you help to create and shape the future. May the challenges of your life together be met with courage and optimism. May you learn from your failures and grow in your achievements. May life bless you with children, friends, and family in a wide network of mutual support and enjoyment. May you face pain, toil, and trouble with a stout but light hearts. May you share with others the radiance of your seasons of joy and pleasure. May you always remember that laughter is the medicine of love.

And with this promise and declaration is my pleasure, through and in accordance with the laws of NY and by the virtue of authority vested in me by the state of NY- I now pronounce you husband and wife.

  You may kiss the bride