Q. How much do you charge?

 The cost of a personalized wedding ceremony ranges from $450 to $700 based on the location, day of the week, time of day, and time of year.    I am happy to offer a free consultation.

A baby blessing ranges from $250 - $ 300.

Q. What if we just want you to sign a marriage license with no ceremony?

My "Get Hitched Quick" is perfect if you need an immediate signing of a marriage license. Give me a call, and I will be meet you at the Starbucks in Miller Place. We will usually be done by the time your coffee order is ready! The cost is only $100! 

Q. We are going to do a destination wedding but we need to have our marriage licensed signed here, can you help us?

Sure, we can do a "Get Hitched Quick"

Q. Where would we meet with you?

I  meet with potential clients at the Starbucks in Rocky Point, NY on Route 25A or via FaceTime 

Q. How do we know you are legally able to perform our ceremony?

I am a New York registered officiant, license number 1630387. I am able to perform ceremonies throughout the state of New York, New York City, and Connecticut.  My certification is available upon request. 

Q. How much contact will we have with you up until our wedding?

That is completely up to you.  I meet with most of my couples at least once before their wedding.   The majority of our contact is done through email.  I am always happy to talk with, email, or meet with my couples anytime during the planning process.

Q.  How many revisions can we make to our ceremony?

As many as you like!  Your ceremony script is not completed until you are 100% satisfied with it.

Q. Do you charge extra for unity ceremonies? (Examples: hand blessings, unity candle, sand ceremony)

Of course not

Q. Do you perform inter-faith ceremonies?

Yes!  I am happy to design a ceremony that will incorporate any faith based traditions.  

Q. Do you perform same-sex marriages?

I do!  I am a life-long supporter of marriage equality.

Q. We are actually already married to each other, but only a few people know. We want our ceremony to appear to be "normal" and have our guests believe they are at witnessing our marriage. Is this something you can help us with?

Absolutely, and it is fairly common! We will still do the marriage pronouncement and everything will be the same as "normal" wedding.  The only difference is you do not have to bring your marriage license with you. 

Q. If we want something simple do we have to meet?

Sometimes couples are too busy or just live too far away.  We never have to physically meet, however, I do like to at least speak on the phone or do a FaceTime to find out what you would like your ceremony to be like. 

Q. How long are your ceremonies?

Your ceremony is customized to your needs and wishes!  As standard personalized ceremony is usually 15-20 minutes long.  However, the length is up to you and can range from 2 minutes to an hour. 

Q. How much of a deposit is required?  Is it refundable?

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required in order to hold your ceremony date.  I will then send you a Wedding Officiant Agreement to read, sign, and send back with your deposit.  The remaining/final payment is due the week of your wedding in cash, money order or through Pay Pal. 

Q. Do you perform elopements?

If you have a valid marriage license, I would be happy to perform an elopement.  Elopements consist of a ceremony of ten or less guests.  This is usually a short and basic service.  

Q. Can you accommodate bi-lingual couples and/ or their guests?

Yes!  I am happy to provide a translated copy of the ceremony script for you and guests.  I also work with a translator.  

Q. Can we write our own vows?

Definitely!  I will gladly provide hints and sample vows upon request.

Q. Do you attend rehearsals?

I have found it is often not necessary for me to attend the rehearsal.  Rehearsals are usually coordinated and performed by the wedding coordinator/ site director.  There, you and your bridal party will practice the order you enter and exit and where you should stand. Prior to your wedding day we will meet, email, or and or talk about the specific details of your service.  If I am available, I will attend your rehearsal upon request.  However, I do charge a rehearsal fee. 

Q.  How early do you arrive at my ceremony location?

I will arrive at least 30  minutes before the start of your ceremony.  This time is used to coordinate with your photographer, videographer, and DJ.  I will then briefly meet with you and your bridal party to make sure there are no final questions.

Q. What do you wear?

I wear a white robe unless otherwise requested. If you prefer, I can wear a simple black dress. 

Q. Do you have restrictions for photographers or videographers?

Nope!  Please take as many photos as you like!

Q. Do you require and/ or provide marriage counseling?

I do not require my couples to undergo marriage counseling.  However, I am happy to lend an ear and offer marriage and relationship advice upon request.  Although I am not a licensed therapist, I have a master’s degree in psychology and have taken courses in marriage and family therapy.

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